Frederik Buylaert

Contact info

  • Professor
  • Address: Vakgroep Geschiedenis, Pleinlaan 2, B-1050 Brussels
  • Telephone: +32 (0)2 629 25 71
  • E-mail:

Research interests

Urban and rural elites, gift culture, Historiography and Memory Studies

Current and past research projects

FWO research project 'Shifting grounds? Nobility, lordship and state formation in the sixteenth-century Low Countries (case studies: Flanders and Brabant).'
VUB research project 'The Cradle of Modernity? Social Dynamics in the Cities of Brabant and Flanders in a Comparative and Long-Term Persepective, 1350-1914', in collaboration with Anne Winter.

Representative publications

  • Buylaert, F. "Lordship, urbanisation and social change in late medieval Flanders." In: Past & Present, (2015), forthcoming.
  • Buylaert, F., De Rock, J., and Van Bruaene, A.-L. "City Portrait, Civic Body and Commericial Printing in Sixteenth-Century Ghent." In: Renaissance Quarterly, (2014), in press. 
  • Buylaert, F. "Memory, social mobility and historiography. Shaping noble identity in the Bruges chronicle of Nicholas Despars (+1597)." In: Belgisch Tijdschrift voor Filologie en Geschiedenis, 88 (2010), pp. 377-408.

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